The Terrible Tone of Voice Playbook

Copywriting advice that's free for a reason. 

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Book cover with title 'The Terrible Tone of Voice Playbook - advice that's free for a reason!'


A great brand voice can bag you an island. A terrible one is, well, terrible.

You know the type. A pinch of pretentiousness. A dash of irrelevance. A sprinkle of unintelligibility. Not so much crafted, as cooked up in the steaming brand cauldron in conference room A.

“How did these people get the brand language guidelines so wrong?” you ask yourself. By following the advice in our Terrible Tone of Voice playbook, we imagine.

Yes, we’ve put together all the wisdom you’ll ever need to create a truly abhorrent tone of voice for your copywriters to follow And hopefully, by showing you how to do it wrong – really wrong – you’ll get a few new ideas on how to do it right.

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